Energy, Audit and Environmental Management made easy

Energy, Audit and Environmental Management made easy


Solutions for energy, audit and environmental management

Consumption, quantities and costs at a glance

Operational environmental protection is to uncover and eliminate the environmentally relevant weak points of the company in a targeted manner. To prove the successful implementation of the company's environmental policy, EMAS, environmental or quality management systems require solutions for central data analysis within complex company structures. Furthermore, internal and external audits must be planned, documented and tracked.

eNATURE enables users to implement these requirements in a practical way. Based on a flexibly configurable operational structure, data can be captured at its point of origin, reports can be freely designed and made available for consolidation. With these modules and their direct connection to the internal waste management and the electronic waste verification procedure "eANV", we set the course for a comprehensive Environment, Health, and Safety Management "EHS" system.

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  • Compliance with all requirements according to ISO 14004 / ISO 14001 / ISO 50001/ EMAS
  • Energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1
  • Mobile data acquisition of energy consumers for all production sites at Group level
  • Automatic data import, for example from meter readings
  • Definition and detailed evaluation of environmental goals
  • Seamless integration with our digital solutions for waste management
  • Clear visualization and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative statements:
    consumption values for energy sources (electricity, gas, fuels...) and resources (paper, water)
Keep an overview of your environmental goals at all times.

Solution details

Energy management

Use your energy efficiently and avoid waste

How much does it cost to replace common power consumers, such as a fluorescent tube, across the entire company or group? What is the status quo of my unit in terms of energy efficiency or carbon footprint compared to other units?

For questions like these, eNATURE Energy Management gives you the information within seconds at the push of a button. A cloud solution that can be set to any hierarchy is able to record all electricity/resource consumers in every property down to the individual workstation in relation to their origin. Authorize users to record for entire buildings, sites or individual offices.

Automatically generated energy report

All data remains traceable for years, even if your structures and buildings change. Obtain the payback time for the replacement of all power consumers used in the company at the push of a button. This allows you to target your improvement measures.

On the basis of this data, you can actively influence the energy consumption of your structural units in subsequent periods. Compare consumers with the highest savings potential or design new process flows.

Cloud-based and decentralized recording of all energy consumers

Thanks to the software solution, you are able to flexibly record all your energy consumers in a cloud-based and decentralized manner and compare them with bills issued by energy service providers.

With eNATURE energy management you fulfill all legal requirements regarding EDL-G according to ISO 50001 and EMAS transparently and safely.

Are you the representative for energy and environmental goals? Then eNATURE is exactly the right software for you!

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