The future of the environment is now

The future of the environment is now


Solutions for sustainable environmental data management

With the "Green Deal", the EU has committed to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This means that from 2024, companies will have to provide clear evidence of their CO2 emissions in a sustainability report. Proof of successful implementation of the company's environmental policy requires consistent documentation, consistent reporting and centralised data analysis within complex corporate structures. Furthermore, internal and external audits must be planned, documented and tracked.


The 360° view allows you to evaluate your sustainability

The eNATURE environmental portal bundles intelligent solutions for sustainable and legally compliant waste management as well as energy, CO2 and environmental reporting. This allows you to keep an eye on all consumption, quantities and costs at all times on a centralised platform.

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  • Master data-based application for a consistent database in all modules and apps
  • Ready-to-use solution with numerous customisation options
  • Easy data collection in decentralised and complex company structures
  • Collect, track and analyse CO2 emissions
  • Manage, control and analyse disposal quantities, disposal costs, origin and whereabouts of waste
  • Optimally prepare and conduct audits
  • Simple evaluation for an initial overview or highly individualised for the details
  • Up-to-date information on the business-related mobility of your employees with CO2mobile
  • Connection to other systems possible
Energy data, environmental and CO2 management system to achieve your defined environmental targets

Solution details

Audit Management

For transparent audit processes

Conducting internal and external audits requires comprehensive, legally compliant, traceable and transparent documentation. Monitor compliance with the management systems introduced in your company and your suppliers and analyse which areas are active and in which areas support is required.

Flexible question lists guide the participants through the audit, which is completed and documented at the end with an automatic report. Processes, deadlines, identified deviations and their timely processing are made available to all participants and supplemented by reminder functions. The centralised filing system ensures that each auditor and auditee has access to the documents relating to them in their current processing status.



  • Client management of internal and external areas
  • Planning management (audit planning for the coming years)
  • Implementation logging (specification of question catalogues and their processing)
  • Incident management (reminder function for eliminating deviations)
  • Qualitative assessment
Audit overview

Audit implementation:

Within the audit you will find

  • Header information on the audit
  • Selection of the question catalogue
  • Status management
  • Recording of findings and follow-up
  • Final report
Audit report

Are you the representative for energy and environmental goals? Then eNATURE is exactly the right software for you!

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