Digital transformation in waste management doesn't just demand clever technology – it also takes trust and respect. Read the following pages to find out who we are.

Digital transformation in waste management doesn't just demand clever technology – it also takes trust and respect. Read the following pages to find out who we are.

The Axians eWaste company

Axians eWaste stands for waste management 4.0 – the complete digital transformation of all processes along the disposal chain. Our vision is to help companies in different industries such as chemistry, energy, construction materials, and logistics, as well as in the public sector, to ensure and certify seamless and legally conforming waste disposal through intuitive software solutions.

Sustainable solutions – customized concepts

No matter where you are in the disposal chain – with our specialized expertise for waste producers and disposal companies, we can offer the disposal advice you need. We support you with our software products and custom services. These allow you to easily fulfill specifications for professional waste management and optimize your processes. Some of our services are available directly through our online shop.

By-products and waste products can be used as resources. We provide objective and independent advising on how to optimally integrate disposal into your corporate culture, no matter what software solution you are currently using.

Making waste management economical – that’s always been our goal!
Bernhard Hagemann, CEO

A dialog between innovation and expertise

With high quality standards and an eye for details, we develop software you can trust over the long-term. It has proven its stability 24/7 since 2010. Our software is updated continuously to offer you even better performance. Updates with improvements and new functions are available two to three times a year. We maintain continuous dialog with our customers to ensure updates fulfill your needs and requirements.

Since our software is intuitive and easy to operate, you can quickly optimize your work flows. Close collaboration with our customers gives us deep insight into their work processes, then helps us optimally map these through our software.

Investing in the future means investing in employees

Our highly qualified and motivated employees are a key cornerstone of our success. That’s why we are always investing in their training and continued education, and why we support them in achieving their personal and professional goals. This helps us always ensure all of our customers receive maximum expertise and the best possible quality.

More information about the Axians eWaste company

Axians and VINCI Energies

Axians and VINCI Energies

Axians eWaste is part of French construction and industrial group VINCI, making it a member of the global ICT brand Axians of VINCI Energies. Axians supports its clients in full digital transformations within their organizations
Our Values

Our Values

Everyone has their own individual values. They influence and guide our actions, and they give us identity and purpose. That’s why it's so important for us to transmit our common values through the culture we model within our company.
Commitment and responsibility

Commitment and responsibility

Taking on social responsibility is a key focus at Axians eWaste and at our affiliates and the VINCI Group. Accepting social responsibility means integrating social issues and interests into our corporate decisions.