Technology partners

Technology partners

Trusted processes and innovative technologies for the best possible quality.

We understand how much more we can achieve by working together. Forward-thinking IT solutions are our everyday business. We work closely with leading technology partners to discover these solutions.

Our Technology Partners

AIS Advanced InfoData Systems GmbH is a market leader in professional telematics applications in mid-sized local and long-distance transportation companies. The company offers highly developed solutions for comprehensive order management, shipment tracking, navigation, and location, as well as detailed driving style analyses.

Cherry GmbH, headquartered in Auerbach/Opf. Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer input equipment with a focus on the office, industrial, and safety markets, as well as switches for mechanical keyboards in PC gaming and other applications.

Intarsys specializes in electronic signatures, offering individual, batch, and “convenience” signatures that allow documents to be signed within an invoice workflow. The company is a technological leader with software for electronic signatures, seals, time stamps, encryption and decryption, authentication, certificate management, and PDF/A.

With PayPal, electronic payments take another step forward towards citizen-friendly electronic management. The ability to quickly and securely pay fees and pay for services over the internet is an efficient service local governments can use to further improve convenience for their citizens.

Reiner SCT develops, manufactures, and sells devices for processing chip cards called smartcards. These products fulfill the high security standards of the banking industry, allowing secure work over the internet. The company combines electronics, software, and solid mechanics to create reliable and innovative products in various applications such as healthcare.

T-Systems TrustCenter TeleSec offers the infrastructure and service necessary to issue and manage certificates used for encryption and electronic signatures.