We’re here for you!

We’re here for you!

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The following regulations apply to these products:

  • eANVportal
  • eSERVICEportal
  • eTFSportal
  • eNATUREportal

Support hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Fax number: Waste management - support fax number: +49 731 1551 78177
Telephone number: +49 900 1000 906 telephone hotline (1.99€ / minute from a German landline. Mobile fees may differ.)
Discounted rates for paid hotline support:  2/6/12 hour support package:

How to contact our support team:

Without support package:
Telephone number: +49 900 1000 906 telephone hotline (1.99€ / minute from a German landline. Mobile fees may differ)
Your inquiry will be processed by our employees promptly. You will be invoiced for minutes used by your telephone Provider.

With support package:
Phone: +49 731 1551 177 or e-mail to

Always include your support number in your e-mail message. If, while processing your inquiry, it becomes clear that the processing will be charged, your support package will be charged with the appropriate processing duration. You will be invoiced¹ for every 5 minutes or every part of a 5 minute block.


Phone: +49 731 1551 177 or e-mail to
We require a written cost acceptance confirmation before processing your support inquiry. This cost acceptance must be confirmed for each new inquiry, and is limited to a maximum processing duration of 60 minutes.

If charged services are provided by telephone support / remote maintenance, these will be charged at an hourly servicing rate of 155 €/hour net.

You will be invoiced for every 15 minutes or every part of a 15 minute block.

1 The time invoiced in call solutions includes not only the telephone call and/or remote maintenance, but also preliminary analysis and written documentation.

Support inquiry differentiation

Free support Services:
  • Correcting server-based technical disruptions (e.g. portal availability)
  • Processing reported errors (bugs) in the portal software
  • Adapting application(s) to generally applicable legal changes
  • Registration questions
  • ZKS failure questions
  • Questions on upcoming functions (road map / release planning)
Charged support Services:
(Invoiced via one of the options listed on the first page)
  • Update client software (Java, card reader driver, browser) and questions on installing/operating card reader
  • Professional and general user inquiries
  • Introduction to the portal (first steps, training, etc.)
  • Technical questions on operating the portal if no fault is involved
  • Data import (e.g. master data, ENs/SNs etc.)
  • Problems proven to have not been caused by our delivered software, e.g. card reader could not be accessed due to incorrect WIFI drivers, no function due to wrong Java version, etc.
  • Problems where our recommended system environment was not provided, such as problems with browsers we do not support (see current System requirements on system environment), etc.
  • Improper operation and errors caused by faulty or incomplete messages from other process participants / SW systems
  • Completing release updates (only applies to externally hosted Portals)
We unfortunately cannot respond to the following inquiries:
  • E-mail messages sent directly to an employee you know, unless you have been contractually assigned a dedicated support contact.
  • Please only use the service number listed above for telephone support contacts. Calls to the central office cannot, unfortunately, be transferred to the support department. If the service number is busy, you can contact us via e-mail to