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Die Datendrehscheibe für die Abfallwirtschaft

Die Datendrehscheibe für die Abfallwirtschaft

eTALKportal - Bringen Sie alle Beteiligten und alle Informationen zusammen

Simplify communication between the large number of parties and data interfaces involved in disposal management. With the eTALKportal, you have a uniform data connection that transmits all your data to partners, customers, institutions, and agencies

Already successfully in use for…

Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft (BAG)

Data security and CI conforming brand identity

Learn about the award-winning solution for waste management data exchange and communication today. With all interfaces and media.


  • Different types of data can be transmitted directly to other partners through the eTALKportal
  • Data is transmitted to the desired target system automatically
  • You can choose from the “eTALKportal standard interface” (web services) or a custom converter programmed for you by Axians eWaste
  • No training required on the individual source and target systems
  • Suitable for all roles involved in waste disposal, no matter whether you are a waste producer, transportation company, or disposal company
  • Suitable for Internet or Intranet (SaaS in the public or private cloud)
  • Seamless integration into our digital waste management and environmental solutions

Waste management 4.0 – utilizing potential

Waste management processes today are characterized by a large amount of bureaucratic work Converting …