Signature cards and accessories for eANV and more

Signature cards and accessories for eANV and more

Axians eWaste offers you, for a qualified electronic signature on documents in the eANVportal or in other applications, the following signature options:

  • New: Remote signature - mobile signature without a signature card
  • Signature card or multi-signature card with card reader
  • Signature pad


Remote signature

Advantages in connection with eANV

  • Location-independent signature of all eANV documents
  • All parties involved in waste transport can be involved in the process
  • Can be used for single and multi-signatures
  • No additional hardware costs
  • More freedom, when and where you want to sign – it is not necessary to use Windows as operating system
  • Easy integration of the remote signature into own application components by providing eANVportal web service components
  • Simple procurement via Video-Ident procedure or via an existing valid signature card
  • And many other advantages


To the Webshop: Remote signature for eANV and PDF (special offer until 31.12.2020)

Advantages in connection with PDF documents

  • Forgery-proof PDF documents with eIDAS-compliant signature, legally binding throughout Europe
  • Validity of signatures easily verifiable via the free standard PDF-Reader
  • Access to legally binding signed documents or contracts also possible online
  • Signature with commercially available mobile devices via the mobile browser installed there
  • Cost savings in the archiving and dispatch of paper documents
  • And many other advantages


To the Webshop: Remote signature for PDF

Signature Cards


  • General limitation to eANV possible
  • Financial (monetary) restriction possible
  • Also available as multi- or multiple signature card
  • Easy billing - via Axians eWaste
  • Simple procurement
    • Post-Ident procedure, a post office is always near you
    • Authority-Ident, if you work in an authority
    • or via one of our certified employees

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Signature Accessories

Card Reader

The card reader from REINER SCT combines extensive functionality with excellent design. The card reader offers maximum security with the qualified electronic signature and is multi-application capable.


Keyboard for Signature Cards

Together with the corresponding applications, our wired security keyboard with integrated class 2 reader is the serious bouncer at the workplace.
Certified, intelligent and space-saving, as you no longer need another card reader on your desk.


Signature Pad

Using the signature pad, your employees and drivers can sign all documents within the software solution eNATUREportal / TRIAS-AMOS mobile with a digital signature.


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Trust in the experience of eANV provider Axians eWaste, and benefit from our functional guarantee for signature accessories!

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