Manage legally secure waste disposal in our portal

Manage legally secure waste disposal in our portal

eANVportal - Your web-based solution – for more than just electronic waste verification procedures

Waste disposal demands transparent, user-friendly processes that bring the disposing entities, companies, and agencies to the table. Our software for electronic waste verification procedures (eANV) offers you a web-based option to automatically certify your waste was disposed of properly, or that you as a disposal company have accepted waste from your customers in accordance with regulations.


eANVportal – So waste disposal doesn’t become a chore

The eANVportal is the comprehensive Axians eWaste platform for everyone involved in the waste disposal process: Waste producers, disposal companies, transportation companies, dealers, and official agencies. It maps all of the procedures involved in this process. All authorized parties have access to the process without delay through a paperless platform, either through their own Intranet or over the web.

Already successfully in use for…

zwei R software & consulting GmbH

Process optimization and customer benefit

Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft (BAG)

Data security and CI conforming brand identity

pro-matik GmbH & Co. KG

Software partner & interface management

Pfister Waagen Bilanciai GmbH

Interface and development potential


  • Paperless, efficient, and traceable at any time.
  • 100% reliable compliance with legal requirements.
  • Smooth collaboration with official agencies.
  • eANVportal supports users in professionally recording data, helping avoid incorrect entries.
  • Time and cost savings.
  • One common solution for everyone involved.
  • Seamless integration into our digital waste management and environmental solutions.

You can save time with an electronic platform for legally secure disposal processing, while always keeping a good overview of your systems.

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