Add more mobility and flexibility to your everyday work

Add more mobility and flexibility to your everyday work

eWaste mobile – Mobile solutions for waste management and the environment

The eWaste mobile Suite provides users  of our software solutions with fast and mobile order processing for our product lines.

  • eANVmobile
    Are you a producer, transporter, disposer or a third party commissioned by a producer and would like to have your accompanying documents/transfer notes with you all the times on your smartphone or tablet? Then the eANVmobile app is for you! The app can also be used to remotely sign accompanying documents/transfer notes without a sinature card or card reader!
  • eSERVICEmobile
    The app is the mobile link to the eSERVICEportal, the Axians eWaste customer portal for disposal companies and their customers as well as service providers involved in the disposal process (producers, transporters, etc.).
  • CO2 Footprint App
    Transform your business with the CO2 Footprint App. Work with your team to track and reduce your company's carbon footprint. Because protecting the environment is everyone's business.
  • eNATUREmobile (Coming soon)
    Your waste management on the move.

CO2 Footprint App

We help you becoma a carbon neutral business

Whether tablet or smartphone (iOS/ Android):  As a digital companion in everyday life, the CO2 Footprint App facilitates the achievment of environmental goals and the successful implementation of environmental and CO2 management. We can help you take your employees with you on your journey towards climate neutrality.

>>> Find out about the associated solution for sustainable environmental data management


Available via:

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The benefits

Manage your culture & portfolio transformation in an instant

  • Activate, sensitise and educate employees in all areas of the organisation (mindset change)
  • Promote internal communication on sustainability and environmental management


We make your business resilient

  • Green employer brand as a competitive advantage
  • Demonstrate climate commitment to investors and rating agencies
  • Green ROI: cost savings (fuel and energy consumption)


Greater efficiency in full data collection

  • Possible efficient connection of existing data from SAP, travel tools, environmental dashboards
  • Daily consumption of fleet, buildings, machinery & Equipment with IOT

Achieve overall & personal goals

Not only managers set targets, but employees can also submit and track individual reduction targets via the app. Daily visualisation of personal CO2 footprints, as well as team-wide emissions, encourages responsible use of energy and resources.

Mobility tracking made easy

Efficient recording of journeys and machine use. Differentiate by fuel type and means of transport used with autimatic calculation and direct visualisation of CO2 equivalent. Wizards and templates support quick data recording.

Overcoming challenges & missions togehter

Challenges and missions in all ares of the environment create a sens of community and keep motivation high. Include both in-house content and public environmental actions to give your team a varied user experience.

Green Community: Exchange & Awareness Raising

Connecting social media platforms (Yammer, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) promotes sharing of goals, challenges and successes, strengthens the cohesion and motivates. For futher training and knowledge exchange, e-leanring videos can be integrated and learning platforms can be linked.


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