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Software partner & interface management

With ReCoLog Office, we offer software for all disposal companies and for waste management. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel for some areas, so we looked for a professional and specialized partner offering software functions that complemented our services. With Axians eWaste, we immediately found what we were looking for – a cloud solution made by experts, and a team we have been able to work with successfully for decades.” 

At a glance

CEO Alexander Steger dedicates his many years of experience as an IT professional in the disposal sector to pro-matik GmbH & Co. KG. He developed his first applications for mid-sized disposal companies back in 1990, when electronic data processing in the industry was still in its infancy. His proximity to specialty disposal companies was helpful to concretely and correctly reflect the specific demands of the industry.

The innovative, redesigned software solution ReCoLog Office has been available to the disposal industry since 2000, providing digital support in every aspect of management and order processing. The software is updated continuously and aligned to changes on the market. The company works with Axians eWaste and integrates the eANVportal and eSERVICEportal to handle its disposal certification process and to link pro-matik disposal company customers with waste producers.



  •  Cloud-based portal solution as a supplement to the in-house waste management software solution
  •  Customer support through digital transformation
  •  Stable and fast connection 24/7
  •  Software with impressive plausibility and usability
  •  Quick reaction and competent support