The cloud brings economy and ecology into harmony

You know: Corporate environmental protection is intended to uncover and eliminate the company’s environmentally relevant weak points in a targeted manner. Whether the Commercial Waste Ordinance  or Energy Efficiency Policy, solutions for decentralised data collection within complex corporate structures and central data analysis are becoming increasingly necessary to prove successful implementation of corporate environmental policy. Read here how we can provide you with the right tool with our “eNATUREcloud” platform.

Efficient waste management requires data strategy

Numerous international and national certifications require increasingly detailed and well-founded statements on resource use and waste avoidance. Regardless of whether EMAS, environmental or quality management systems document operational environmental policy externally, the requirements for data acquisition and consolidation are identical. However, in order to really anchor operational environmental policy in organisational processes, a well thought-out data strategy is required.

This includes the simple collection of data for “environmental management”, “energy management”, “waste management” and “auditing”.
In order to take this development into account, we are bundling our building blocks for you on a platform under the name “eNATUREcloud” to form a comprehensive waste, energy and environmental management system.

Much of the data from these different areas overlaps. In order to avoid the multiple collection of identical data in these application areas (environment, waste and energy) and data silos, the logical consequence is to bring this data collection together in a suitable comprehensive platform: the eNATUREcloud. This data platform enables users (not only) to implement legal requirements simply and practically.

Decentralized but on site

Since this data platform is centrally available in the cloud, data can always be captured where it is generated – i.e. on the move, by many employees and across remote sites. The consequence: Aggregation of all the data is always possible and thus provides the basis for fast and comprehensive evaluations.

Thanks to a flexibly configurable organizational structure in which you can flexibly define operating structures, energy consumers and standard services, you can record energy-relevant data at their respective point of origin, freely design reports and make them available for consolidation at the push of a button. You can also integrate modules for the handling of labour law problems so that these can then develop further in the direction of EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety Management; also HSE).

You can read more about our software solutions for waste management as well as energy and environmental reporting under this link.

We will be happy to advise you on our proven methods, which you can use in your company.

The cloud brings economy and ecology into harmony