Referenzbericht Seiba Entsorgungstechnik

Referenzbericht Seiba Entsorgungstechnik

Seiba Entsorgungstechnik GmbH

International waste transportation

With the eTFSportal, we can always confirm electronically whether our customers in Luxembourg or The Netherlands have reported aerosol can deliveries to German agencies on time. This transparency is indispensable for everyone involved; a missing registration can result in fees and penalties for customers. The portal provides all the documents and reports we need on the delivery in just a few seconds at the push of a button.”

Seiba Entsorgungstechnik at a glance

seiba Entsorgungstechnik is a family company that has specialized in recycling aerosol cans since its founding in 1988. These spray cans are produced in large quantities using diverse materials, and they are used in many different areas. Accordingly, it is important for seiba to return these recyclable materials to the resource cycle. The company processes spray cans not suitable for sale, returns, partially empty spray cans, and PUR foam cans using the newest technology.

A large percentage of aerosol cans for processing come from other European countries, and must be reported to the authorities three days before they are imported and transported into Germany.


  • Quicker and easier processing of international waste streams
  • Seamless registration control for quality assurance
  • Easy communication with authorities and preferential treatment
  • Electronic documents with reports in real time
  • Time and cost savings for notifications

Seiba Entsorgungstechnik GmbH

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