Referenzbericht Max Wild

Referenzbericht Max Wild

Max Wild

Professionals without borders

You’ve proven to us that your eANVPortal platform provides the perfect support for officially processing disposal of our hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Adding the additional eANVstapel+ program allowed us to greatly accelerate required signature processes and reduce work involved in processing waste dispatch notes many times over. The Axians eWaste team reacted quickly and was focused on solutions in helping us adapt the programs to our individual needs.

Max Wild at a glance

“Obligated by tradition, bound to the region, thankful to our employees” read the large letters on the office building, spelling out the values the company strives to live out.
Max Wild GmbH, an innovative family company from Berkheim, has been involved in the market since 1955. Today, it employs 470 workers and utilizes the synergies created by a wide range of services: Demolition work, site recycling, civil engineering / underground construction, horizontal drilling technology / pipeline construction, gravel sales / transportation services, logistics, fleet / equipment management, system development.


  • Primary requirement: Handling the electronic certification process and managing disposal documentation
  • Easy to understand processing for certifications and dispatch notes
  • Additional tools for quickly processing dispatch notes with stack signature
  • Flexible filtering of certifications and waste quantities according to the custom needs of contractual partners
  • Evaluating the waste balance sheet – quickly and easily
  • A team that responds to requests for adaptation and implements them quickly

Max Wild

Peter Guggemos
Construction manager contaminated sites cleaning and site recycling

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