Referenzbericht Fischer Weilheim

Referenzbericht Fischer Weilheim

Fischer Weilheim

Disposal and recycling

In light of our customer base, the clear and legally conforming menu structure of the eANVPortal is a decisive benefit for us. It gives us good security when entering information, avoids incorrect entries, and is part of our quality assurance.”

At a glance

FISCHER Weilheim GmbH is a mid-sized company with a well-developed portfolio in the transportation, civil engineering, demolition, disposal, and recycling fields as well as soil stabilization. The company fulfills a variety of roles, acting as a waste producer, transporter, disposal company, and authorized producer.

For over 80 years, the family company has specialized in challenging construction projects. FISCHER Weilheim is a market leader in the industry with approx. 322 employees in the Stuttgart area, and maintains additional locations in Baden-Württemberg.


  • Seamless and legally conforming certification of waste and recyclables
  • Custom-tailored adaptations to individual process requirements
  • Fast and friendly support
  • Easy list management of disposal certifications for invoicing purposes

Fischer Weilheim

Beate Sigel
Disposal and recycling

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