Referenzbericht Entsorgungszentrum Franken

Referenzbericht Entsorgungszentrum Franken

Entsorgungszentrum Franken GmbH & Co. KG

Simplification and a boost in efficiency

We have been working with the eANVPortal for quite a while. Collaborating with different transportation companies allows us to compare it with other options, and we continue to be impressed with its transparency and clear structures.”

At a glance

As a certified specialist disposal company, the Entsorgungszentrum Franken offers a very broad spectrum of handling, logistics, and disposal services to handle contaminated mineral and organic-mineral wastes. It focuses on cleaning contaminated sites, site recycling, selective building demolition, water treatment, and industrial production.

With a focus on the many different EU directives, laws, and other requirements it needs to fulfill, the company guarantees proper and transparent disposal through expertise, care, and modern technology.


  • Seamless certification of proper disposal – even in combination with external requirements
  • Good filtering option for reports
  • Reliable, secure, and performant operation
  • Clearly structured user interface
  • Fair price

Entsorgungszentrum Franken GmbH & Co. KG

Daniel Hartl
Commercial manager

Key data

Product eANVPortal
State Baden-Wuerttemberg