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Berndt GmbH

Berndt GmbH

Quick availability & automation

The eSERVICEportal is used throughout our company. This is particularly important in the field of animal disposal, where all commercial documents must be made digitally available to the veterinary authorities. In the past, it was necessary to manually select the relevant documents in the customer folders, copy them and send them by post. Today, the authorities can find all information themselves – with only a few clicks necessary. This makes work much easier and saves time for everyone involved. 100% of the veterinary offices and already 70% of our clients use our eSERVICE Portal.”

At a glance

Berndt is a professional company for disposal and recycling. The focus of the Bavarian company based in Oberding is on slaughter by-products as well as food waste and edible fats. The end products are being used to produce products such as animal fats or fermentation substrates. The company is also active as a service provider.

Within the disposal sector, Berndt disposes slaughterhouses and butcheries, as well as veterinary practices and farms of both slaughter by-products and animal carcasses. This concerns categories I and II. These tasks are carried out by a single source – from acceptance  to collection, processing and storage.

Another business area is the recycling in collection bins of various sizes. This includes food waste and edible oils as well as fats from restaurants or canteen kitchens, packaged food and deep-frozen goods as well as animal by-products of category III. Furthermore, grease separator systems and lipator systems are being emptied.

The company has several locations in southern Bavaria and Thuringia.



  • Company-wide deployment, across all locations and cloud-based
  • Accelerated processes for all trading partners
  • Easy document exchange between the parties involved in the process, especially regarding veterinary authorities
  • Interface to ERP system
  • Integration of eANV
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Availability of commercial paper24/7

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Berndt GmbH

Veronika Kurz (Kfm. Fachwirtin)

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