VINCI Innovation Prize 2017 – Digital Transformation

Axians eWaste wins European award with the eTFSportal!

The VINCI Innovation Prize honors innovative projects and inventions by VINCI employees. VINCI awarded the internal VINCI Group Innovation Prize for the ninth time, honoring outstanding projects in the areas of construction/energy/infrastructure and information technology. The Group awarded the prize in a total of twelve categories to recognize especially advanced technologies, services, and both analog and digital tools. A prize was awarded in the area of digital transformation for the first time this year.

This year’s prize ceremony took place on September 8th. The results were great for our company, as the 2017 VINCI Innovation prize in the “Digital Transformation” category was awarded to Axians eWaste for the European region for its eTFSportal Project.

Under European regulations, waste of all kinds must be disposed of using the correct disposal equipment. This is also true even if this waste is to be disposed of internationally. Managing this transfer across national borders is highly complex. The import and export countries must agree to their policies, even though national administrative guidelines can offer differ widely. There may also be potential linguistic hurdles. In the past, there has been no uniform electronic regulation designed to fully manage these formalities.

Axians eWaste took on this problem, developing a system for electronic processing of international waste transportations that also fulfills all of the industry’s legal requirements. The associated web portal – the eTFSportal – now handles administrative tasks that once had to be painstakingly completed by hand electronically.


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This innovation helps optimize administrative work in the company’s disposal area with new digital technology, avoiding extra time and paperwork. Learn more about the Project under eTFSportal and in our expert blog on our Homepage.