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Environmental and material flow management made easy

Environmental and material flow management made easy

eNATUREcloud – Solutions for waste management and energy and environmental reporting under one roof

Corporate environmental protection should detect and correct the company's environmental weak points in a targeted fashion.

Solutions for decentralized data capturing within complex corporate structures, even including central data analysis, are becoming more and more important to verify that company environmental policies have been implemented successfully. Many national and international certification programs require highly detailed and validated information on resource usage and waste avoidance. No matter whether companies use EMAS, environmental or quality management systems to document their operational environmental policies to external stakeholders, the requirements for data collection and consolidation are the same.

eNATUREcloud allows users to implement these requirements in practice. Building on a flexible operating structure, data can be captured where it is created, and reports can be freely designed and provided for consolidation. With this structure, we are also laying the groundwork for a comprehensive EHS system (Environment, Health and Safety Management).

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  • Never face cumbersome paper-based or Excel® work again
  • For all waste producer locations, including across group companies
  • Easily implement the requirements of the new Commercial Waste Ordinance (from 08/01/2017)
  • For all types of waste, recyclables, and services
  • In accordance with ISO 14004 / ISO 14001 / EMAS
  • Fulfillment of all requirements of the Energy Services Act under ISO 50001
  • Transparent completion of energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1
  • Establishment and detailed assessment of environmental targets
  • Possible reductions in energy consumption, waste and emissions
  • Automated auditing
  • Easy to understand visualization and assessment
  • Seamless integration into our digital waste management and environmental solutions
  • Keep an operating log

The solution for waste managers supports you in waste and recyclables management. Keep an overview of your disposal processes!

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Energy management

What would it cost to exchange current energy consuming equipment, such as fluorescent lights, throughout the entire company or group? What is the status quo in my unit like with respect to energy efficiency or CO2 emissions, in comparison to other units?

For questions like these, the eNATUREcloud can deliver the information you need in just seconds at the push of a button. A cloud solution that can be set to any hierarchy level is able to record all devices consuming power/resources in every property - down to the individual work station - including future consumption. Delegate this recording, or authorize users to record consumption for entire buildings, facilities or individual offices. You have complete flexibility.

Your energy report can be generated automatically. All data can be tracked over many years, even if your structures and buildings change. Determine the amortization time to exchange any equipment used in the company that consumes power at the push of a button. Identify targeted measures for improvement. Once data are recorded, you can actively influence energy consumption within your structural units by comparing equipment and using more efficient options, or by redesigning processes. In addition, energy consumption from administration and other production equipment is often given a secondary role in assessments.

Our solution for energy management focuses specifically on these processes and devices. We offer the option of recording all energy consuming equipment centrally in a cloud-based solution, allowing you to compare equipment through invoices generated by the energy provider. With our flexible, configurable address structure, we allow you to record all equipment in each individual office and carry out consolidation on different levels using customizable user authorizations.

With the eNATUREcloud, you can fulfill all legal requirements of the EDL-G under ISO 50001 and EMSAS in a transparent and reliable manner.

Are you a waste manager under Sec. 59 KrWG (Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act), waste producer or service provider in material stream management? Then eNATUREcloud is exactly the right software for you!

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